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The sun on the road taken in our company

Date:2014/5/10 13:37:37   view count:3146



"July 1" on the eve of the China ocean shipping group company to submit the central organization department of the party members' education program "sunshine road" shot in our company.

The film with our party Chen Guojian, Wang Baozhong, Wang Yundong experiences growing up in recent years to join the party organization and were the first to fight for their "optimum" activities and the successful cases of technical research as the main material, with cosco shipping party committee under the new situation of development and management for a variety of forms of labor party members a series of innovation as the main vein, vividly shows the "belongs to the enterprises" into practice for migrant workers to bring the spirit of the party construction theory, the great changes in life and good role in promoting scientific development of the enterprise.

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