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Cosco shipping to strengthen party members under the new situation development and management sympos

Date:2014/5/10 13:36:46   view count:3321

On March 28, cosco shipping party committee was held in our party activity center "to strengthen party members under the new situation development and management work forum", the key research development for a variety of forms of employment under the new situation of party members and management. Cosco shipping Ma Zhihong party secretary at the meeting. Party secretary of cosco (guangdong area enterprise, basic-level party branch secretary, party affairs workers, subcontractors, party branch secretary, party member representatives to attend the meeting. We Li Guibin chairman, general manager Li Suihua was invited to attend the meeting and speech.

During the meeting, the participants learn the political bureau of the CPC central committee on strengthening party members under the new situation development important deployment and management, and connecting with the practical advice on how to strengthen the "three workers coexist" under the condition of the party members' development, education, management and service work conducted in-depth discussion.

Ma Zhihong secretary from the "identify new situation", "to face the new problems" and "innovation management", "Chinese dream" struggle from four aspects, analyzes the current literature, national conditions, and party, enterprises, this paper expounds the development and new problems existing in the management of party members, and puts forward the grass-roots party organizations in the party members' development, education, management and service focus and direction, in particular to actively explore and practice the enterprise under the condition of "three workers coexist" "inevitable management, natural, active management" and other methods, and think about the "Chinese dream" with everybody together, called for the broad masses of party members to achieve the "Chinese dream" of the great struggle.

After the meeting, secretary Ma Zhihong for our party activity center books, and lead all the party members in the party flag learning under the party's eighteen big through the new "constitution". Secretary of the horse, points out that the party constitution is the basic code of conduct, the whole party must abide by studying the party constitution, to strengthen party members' development and management of the primary content of study party constitution is compulsory course for each party, strictly abide by the constitution is its obligations and solemn duty of party members, party organizations at all levels should adhere to guide and standardize the activities of the party's construction with the party constitution comprehensively improve the level of party building more scientific.

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